“It is better to travel well than to arrive”
– Buddha, Founder of Buddhism

Your holidays are most valuable to us! To make sure you spend them exactly in the way you like, we create personalized trips according to your desires, requirements and interests.
Tailoring your tour brings us joy, it’s always a welcomed job out of the ordinary and leaves an extra-ordinary memory with us. We’re proud of the personalized tours we created so far and all of our classic guided tours evolved from tailor-made trips.

Our field of expertise are walking holidays, hiking and trekking tours in Albania, Montenegro (realized with our local partner) and parts of Kosovo and Macedonia.
In addition we create and organize self-guided / individual tours. A “road book”, maps and optional handheld GPS unit will help you to be your own guide!

We can promise you that there isn’t anyone out there who knows the Albanian Alps, also known as Accursed Mountains (Albanian: Bjeshket e Namuna / Serbian: Prokletije) better than we do! Let us be your partner your partner in adventure.

[simple_box]All our tours and trips are designed in the framework of a sustainable and responsible tourism approach, read more about our vision of eco-tourism here.[/simple_box]

Let us know what you’re looking for:

  • all-out sportive trip to the highest tops or pleasure walking with swimming opportunities
  • comfortable hotel or cozy homestay
  • special interests in photography, history, cooking, food & wines, handicrafts, fauna or flora, geology
  • transportation on wheels: in private car, by bicycle or 4×4
  • activities that get the adrenaline flowing such as rafting, climbing or paragliding
  • other sports: kayaking, diving, river walking (canyoning), snowshoeing
  • arrival: by plane, train, ferry, bus, car

Even if we can’t organize the activity you’re longing for ourselves, we will always be in touch with the people who can help to realize them!

Also don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in hand-on adventures such as farm stays or volunteerism.
Every year a summer school program is organized in two/three villages of the Albanian Alps in which English is taught and awareness for environmental issues raised.