Tour Dates

Peaks of the Balkans 2019

8-day trek of Albania & Montenegro (download PDF) from 850€ per person
Start Sunday / End Sunday or Monday (private transfer)
  • 16.06-23.06.2019
  • 21.07-28.07.2019
  • 25.08-01.09.2019
  • 22.09-29.09.2019
12-day trek of Albania, Kosovo & Montenegro (download PDF): from 1.050€ per person. The 12-day tour includes an additional three days in Kosovo, otherwise both itineraries are similar.
Start Sunday / End Thursday or Friday (private transfer)
  • 30.06 – 11.07.2019
  • 04.08 – 15.08.2019
  • 08.09 – 19.09.2019

None of our trips fit you date or itinerary-wise? We’re happy to tailor a personalized tour according to your preferred duration, difficulty degree and airport choice. Other trips in Albanian Alps and High Scardus Trail are due to be published in January.

Browse scheduled trips month by month, click on an event for a brief description, on to bottom you will find pricing, a link to more details and the booking form. Self-guided and local-guided trips are available as private departures on your date of choice.

Dates for High Scardus (10-day) and Albanian Alps (5-day) are due to be published in January. 

Trips are color-coded:

  • English: blue
  • German: red
  • Dutch, French, Spanish…: yellow