General Information

Albania, land of the shqiptars, located within barely two hours by plane, is still considered to be one of the last secrets of Europe. A warm and sunny mediterranean climate, over 300km of coast line with sand and pebble beaches on the Adriatic and Ionian Sea and a very mountainous dramatic backcountry, rivalling the European Alps, make Albania a very diverse travel destination landscape-wise.

The Albanians are kind-hearted and very welcoming. The country is certainly safe and still almost unspoilt by international tourism. In this multifaceted location, influenced as much by the Roman as by the Ottoman Empire, nowadays a nation tells its very own profound story.
Over 40 years of dictatorship, with the goal to create the perfect communism, lead to the country’s total isolation, even from the Eastern bloc. Still today, after 20 years of transition under international influence paving the country’s way to Europe, one can notice the peculiar circumstances of life of the last century, as well as the much older family ties and clannishness of its people.