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Why Albania is becoming a popular place to travel
on Stunning Places by Trudie Earle, March 2014


The Albanian mountain women prepared to take a vow of celibacy and forever dress, work and live as men
on Daily Mail by Annabel Fenwick Elliot, March 2014


The Mountains Where Women Live as Men
on GQ by Michael Paterniti, March 2014


Traveling With History…Albania
on Hawaii Repoter, March 2014


Isla de Sazan: de fortín de la guerra fría a paraíso turístico
on Deia by Albergo Canones, March 2014 (ES)


Wie ich mein Reiseherz an Albanien verloren habe
on Uberding by Livia, February 2014 (DE)


Writer Who Exposed Songbird Slaughter Applauds Albania’s Hunting Ban
n National Geographic by Rachel Hartigan Shea, February 2014


52 Places to Go in 2014
on the New York Times, January 2014


The Fight to Preserve an Ugly Albanian Pyramid
on Slate by Ella Morton, January 2014


Hiking the Northern Albanian Alps on Gang Gang, December 2013


Albanian Riviera – Revealing The Secrets of Europe’s Cheapest Beach Paradise on Yomadic by Robert Nate, November 2013


Albanien: Das Marihuanadorf
(video) by Europa Aktuell (DE)


Last Song for Migrating Birds
on National Geographic by Jonathan Franzen, July 2013


Mountain Road Challenge Albania: Berat to Greece
on, July 2013


Tourismus in Albanien: eine Baustelle mit Potential
on Swiss Info by Gaby Ochsenbein, June 2013 (DE)


Europe’s last corner: Beaches and beauty in Albania, the hidden bargain of the Balkans
on Daily Mail by Christopher Middleton, May 2013


Im Herzen des Balkans
on 3sat (two piece documentary), May 2013 (DE)


15 things you should know before traveling to Albania
on the Blond Gypsy, February 2013


No place like dome: Bunkers in Albania converted into accommodation for tourists
on Daily Mail, September 2012 Die Entdeckung der albanischen Steilwände on The Zeit by Sandra Rauch, June 2012 (DE)


Testing the water in Albania
on The Guardian by Killian Fox, April 2012


Kein Strandurlaub in Albanien
on The Zeit by Eckhard Strittmatter, February 2012 (DE)


Albania’s wild, wild east
on Wanderlust by Phoebe Smith, November 2011


In the Land of the Living Past
on Viaggiare i Balcani, July 2011


A Twelfth Night tour of Albania to see the land that time forgot
on Daily Mail by John Carter, April 2009

Kosovo: what to see in Europe’s newest country
on The Telegraph by Tom Rowley, October 2013


Kosovo: Back to the Balkans on the long road to peace
on The Independent by Raymond Whitaker, July 2013


New Guide Puts Dragash on the Tourist Map
on Balkan Insight by Shengjit Osmani, September 2011


Camping and Hiking in Kosovo’s Backcountry: Brod to Lake Shutman
on Balkan Insight by Todd Wassel, July 2011

Ort Plav in Montenegro wartet auf Wanderer dieser Welt
on Der Westen by Gunnar Vogt, September 2013 (DE)


Ein Land im Aufbruch
on ACE Lenkrad by Nicola Förg, June 2013 (DE)

Peaks of the Balkans: towards a virtuous and “winning” tourism
on Viaggiare i Balcani, May 2013


Peaks of the Balkans: per un turismo virtuoso e vincente
on Viaggiare i Balcani, May 1013 (IT)


Peaks of the Balkans wins big award
on TravelMole, April 2013


Balkan Promises – Hiking the Albanian Alps
on The New York Times by Tim Neville, March 2013 – in print with pictures


Wandern in den “Verfluchten Bergen” – Unterwegs auf dem Peaks of the Balkans Trail
on Trax, March 2013 (DE)


“Peaks of the Balkans” – Eine weltweit führende nachhaltige Tourismusinitiative
on DIHA Albania, March 2013


Trekking in the Balkans Peace Park
on The Great Outdoors, September 2012


Trekking: tra i pastori di Dober Dol
on Balcani e Caucaso by Kaela Venuto, August 2012 (IT)


Layers, Linkages and Lines: Environmental Peacebuilding in the Balkans
on National Geographic by Saleem Ali, August 2012


Conservation Beyond Borders: Balkans 2011 Academic Expedition
on National Geographic by Saleem Ali, September 2011

2014 Travel Awards: Best New Trail
on Outside by Tim Neville, March 2014


Via Dinarica wandelroute door de Balkan
on Oppad by Debbie Sanders, January 2014 (NL)


A Taste of the Via Dinarica
on Brendan’s Adventure, January 2014


Via Dinarica: Plitvice Lakes, Biokovo, Mosor & Krka National Park, Croatia
on Blond Gypsy by Larissa On, January 2014

Valbona, Albania: No ski lifts but also no crowds
on Stars & Stripes by Hearth Druzin, November 2013


Adventure Travel in Albania
(video), November 2013


Up & Down (And Up Again)
in Skiing magazine by Tim Neville, September 2013


Balkan boven alles?!
on Mount Coach, February 2013 (NL)


Kosovo Backcounty Skiing
on Patitucci, February 2013


Valbona Skiing Experience
(video), Mai 2012


Albanisches Schneetreiben
on Die Zeit by Lea Hartl, December 2011


At a Kosovo ski resort, a fragile comity endures
on The New York Times by Dan Bilefsky, November 2007