Mountain Biking week in Kosovo, Albania & Macedonia

Ask us for a proposal for your trip and ride of the beaten trails in High Scardus Trail

  • week long tailor-made adventures, up to 6 persons and a mountain bike guide
  • riding off the beaten path in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia
  • be among the first to explore this region and experience true hospitality
  • avoid the crowds in the Albanian Alps
  • next to the highest peak of Albania and Macedonia

How much? 8-day trip with 4 riders from €995 p.p. including guide, accommodation, transport & meals.

Is this for me?
You can handle rocky terrain and narrow trails, and have excellent bike handling skills. You’re comfortable and confident riding all-mountain trails with long, technical descents. You don’t mind the odd long day if it gets you to a spectacular and remote place that few other visitors will see. You’re not afraid to get out of your comfort zone and experience a totally different and fascinating culture.

Fitness level:

Level 6

  • You have an excellent level of bike fitness, exercising four or five times every week throughout the year, for at least an hour at a time
  • You are comfortable mountain biking up to six hours a day at a moderate pace, with snack and photo stops, for four or more consecutive days
  • You can tackle several serious climbs a day, up to 600 metres each

Skill level:

Strong intermediate

  • You are generally comfortable riding most types of terrain in different conditions: singletrack, double track, muddy, dry, loose, bedrock…
  • You can brake, use gears and corner instinctively
  • You’ll have a go on moderate technical features, such as small rock gardens, small drops and steeper sections, but may get off and walk certain technical features
  • You ride more than once a week throughout your biking season
  • And the ‘strong’ part of ‘Intermediate’ means that you will be aiming to tackle more of those moderate technical features

Can you tailor it for intermediate skill level and level 5 of fitness? Sure, we will swap a few of the rides with less challenging ones, with less bike pushing and no bike carrying at all.

Not into all-mountain/enduro riding, check with us for exciting cross country MTB tours options in Peaks of the Balkans and through Albanian Riviera.

When? June – September

How to get there? Fly to Pristina, Tirana or Skopje.

Budget flights from the Germany, Switzerland, the UK and Netherlands: