…is part of a country’s culture and identity, apart from festivities or weddings you won’t get the chance to listen to them, unless of course we do a little magic.

We picked music from different parts of the country and found the perfect people to perform such songs.

Should you get hooked up, let us know and we can organize a session in the places listed below each genre.

Albania is also one of the few places left in Europe where bards recount dramatic epic tales, a oral tradition found in Northern Albania, consisting of simple rhythms and patriotic themes telling about the struggle against Ottoman occupation and mountain life, often accompanied by Cifteli, Lahuta, the shepherds flute.
In Junik we found a master of Cifteli and Carkiya, in Theth an epic poetry bard and in Peja an awesome folklore group can be visited.
Theth, Valbona, Kelmend, Peja, Junik

In Shkodra you find the so called city or citizen songs. While the name is a bit awkward it describes a certain, more refined, type of music that developed in the multi-cultural merchant city. Upbeat romantic songs detail the desired ones or more contemporary also the pain of missing those who emigrated.

In Southern Albania you can come, with some luck, across polyphonic songs, listed as intangible cultural heritage by the UNESCO commission, as well as softer tunes accompanied by clarinet and tambourine.

Around Korca you find again a different kind of music, known as the serenades, traditionally dedicated to a certain person, they serve as casual, light and calm, evening music.