Local Guides & Activities

We are explorers ourselves but have to admit that there is a certain benefit to having a local hiking guide with you who not just knows every trail of the valley and can judge the weather conditions but also can tell about history and traditions.

Joining an archaeologist to immerse in the history of a dig site is added value or how about someone who’s eager to show you his city, can introduce you to interesting people and knows these little details your guide book won’t tell you.

If we can’t do it ourselves, we find the right person to do it! Be it outdoor activities as hiking, cycling, trekking, kayaking, paragliding, climbing, horse riding, caving or whatever gets your adrenaline flowing and puts you in serenity. Or special interest as archaeology, history, bird watching, food, wine, folklore, music – you name it.

Guides from Tirana can cover the surrounding cities Kruja and Durres.
Local guides live in Berat and Gjirokastra.
Archaeological sites are staffed with specialists of the ministry of monuments and culture.

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  • Tirana
  • Kruja
  • Durres
  • Berat
  • Gjirokastra
  • Archaeological sites: Apollonia, Butrint, Rozafa Castle[/su_list] 

Please take in regard that locals aren’t trained as hiking guides and often lack language proficiency. If you are looking for a professional guide, book one of our experienced tour leaders.

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  • Theth
  • Valbona
  • Kelmend
  • Permet & Zagoria
  • Tirana area (offers more than one might expect)


[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-right”]Most activities are operated by experienced partners, expert in their specific fields:

  • Rafting: Osum, Vjosa
  • River Walking: Osum / Skrapar
  • Paragliding: Vlora, Llogara, Dajti, Korca, Pogradec / Lake Ohrid
  • Horse Riding: Gjirokastra & Zagoria, Butrint
  • Road Cycling: throughout Albania
  • Mountain Biking: around Tirana
  • Sea Kayaking: Albanian Riviera
  • Sailing: Albanian Riviera, Karaburun, Orikum
  • Caving: Rugova Canyon (Kosovo)
  • Climbing: Bovilla & Brari (Tirana), Gjipe (Riviera), Lengarica (Permet), Rugova Canyon (Kosovo)


Albanian Foklore (music & dances): Tirana or your preferred location
Festivals (mostly annual): Logu i Bjeshkeve, Sofra Dardane, National Folklore Festival Gjirokastra
Short classes taught by Genc Kastrati at National Folklore Ensemble in the Opera building at Tirana’s central Skanderbeg square. Usually in 4-6 units lasting up to three hours, only available for groups.


Archaeology: Albanopoli, Amantia, Antigonea, Apollonia, Butrint, Byllis, Grunas Terraces, Hadrianopolis, Kamenica Tumulus, Orikum, Phonike, Selca Tombs, Shurdhah Island, Via Egnatia and others
Covering also the lesser known archaeological sites of Albania.


Bird Watching: Karavasta, Butrint, Orikum, Shkader Lake + other lagoons
We can only assist you in organization and by providing services but don’t have a bird watching specialist at hand. 


Communist history: bunkers (throughout the country), Spac prison (Kosovo highway), Gjirokastra prison, bunker factory in Gjirokaster, Pashaliman naval base (Vlore), Porto Palermo submarine pens (Riviera), Durres military base, Sazan Island (Vlore), Gjader-Zadrima airport (Lezhe)


Enver Hoxha
Follow the life story of the communist dictator and visit the following sites

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  • Gjirokastra – birth house
  • Tirana – vila, mausoleum, grave, bar
  • Korca – school
  • Podgradec – holiday home


Please describe as much in detail as possible what you are looking for, if you have something particular in mind tell us the date, location and duration.