Tranfers and Transportation

Getting around Albania can be tricky as there’s no obvious bus stations, no schedules on display and routes change frequently.

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  • Want to get from the airport hassle free to town or onward to next city?
  • Feels good to get that weight off your shoulders and have your luggage carried by a mule over a mountain pass?
  • Looking for a simple drive from A to B or rather at travelling with somebody who speaks your language and is knowledgeable about the country?
  • You live in Tirana, year for a weekend break but lack a reliable driver with a safe car?


We support your trip with information about trains and public furgons (minibuses) or find a suitable mule, car, jeep or minibus for your private transfer.

Transfers with Albanian-speaking driver in simple car.
Please don’t expect a limousine by default 🙂

Depending on road conditions small MPV (6+1) like the VW Sharan, Ford Galaxy or old Mercedes Benz models (3/4+1) are used. Inquire for Mercedes Vito (8+1), larger groups, if you are looking for English-speaking or a trained drivers, something you couldn’t find here.

FromToPriceDurationShkodraTirana/Airport 45€90min Podgorica50€90min Theth (jeep)60-70€180min


Koman (ferry)40€90min Ulcinj40€90minValbonaFierze (ferry)35€90min Bajram Curri25€45min Rragam (Theth trailhead)15€30min Valbona (within valley)10€15min Cerem (Peaks of the Balkans)40€60minThethNderlysa (“Blue Eye”)25€30min Okol (trailhead Montenegro)20€30min

Please let us know about large or bulky pieces of luggage and other details that could influence the ride. Once we receive your request we will check availability and confirm or cancel the request (most likely recommend other options if we are unable to complete it). Deposits and payments can be completed via PayPal or credit card.

A mule or horse can carry up to 60kg or 4 bags, suitcases and other cases with a hard shell aren’t suitable, please use only rucksacks, duffel bags etc. The following are the standard rates
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  • Theth Valbona: 50€ (Valbona Pass)
  • Theth Ropojana: 60€ (Montenegro border crossing)

We can also help with luggage transfer on horses in Kelmend and Tropoja region as well as on certain stages of the Peaks of the Balkans as Cerem and Doberdol.


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