Do you want to…

  • really get to know the daily lifestyle of the Malisores (highlanders)?
  • give more than just money in return for the hospitality you receive
  • support the communities you’re visiting
  • learn to prepare traditional dishes or about agriculture

You could help with….

  • farm work
  • chores at the guesthouses
  • repair and construction works

If you possess a special skill and think you could put it to use, please contact us! To help your imagination get started, here are some examples:

  • an architect that designs new buildings that fit harmoniously into the surrounding environment
  • a craftsman which share their knowledge or help to rebuild one of the destroyed places
  • an environmentalist who raises awareness of issues as waste management and recycling
  • a web-designer that creates an informative page for a local business
  • a teacher who conveys a foreign language
  • people with experience in proposal writing that can help a farmer who wants to built a greenhouse to apply for available funds