Zbulo! started offering expert-guided walking holidays, as well as hiking and trekking tours in Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo. In addition we have prepared self-guided individual trips that allow you to explore on you own with the help of a “roadbook”, maps and optional GPS.

Since then our little business was growing up and changing shape. From classical tour operator we’re developing into a not-just-for-profit destination management company. Commercial tours fund non-profit activities that support mountain communities. We see ourselves as a self-sustained NGO that provides direct benefits and incentives through its operations to the people in the areas we work at.

Our network consist of stakeholders that are exemplary or proof excellence in their activities and are often involved in tourism and hospitality like guesthouse, hotel or restaurant owners, drivers, local guides and community members but also specialist consultants, international personal and NGOs, for example Peace Corps Volunteers and the Balkans Peace Park Project (B3P). What bonds us together is the common vision and shared concerns regarding the development of tourism.

Our tours put a focus on environmental awareness raising and the protection of natural and cultural heritage as well as interaction with the locals.
Please refer to our code of conduct for more information about how we run our tours.
Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding our tours here.

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